These are Tips for Choosing Printer Ink According to Print Needs

Choosing printer ink must be careful because you will use the ink to print important documents or photos. So, it’s no wonder that there are many people who choose the best printer ink for their printers. Maybe, there are also many people who choose cheap printer ink refills in order to get printer ink refill at a cheap price but with good quality.

It should be noted that printer damage often occurs because it is wrong to choose ink refill. Do not let this happen to your printer just because one chooses refill ink must cost a fortune to repair printer damage.
Especially if you buy ink refill that costs far from the market price of ink, you can be sure the ink is of poor quality. Therefore this article specifically discusses how to choose a good, high-quality printer ink and of course, it doesn’t damage the printer. Below are some tips for choosing a quality printer ink.

– Choosing Good And Quality Ink Refill Printers Based on Print Needs
In choosing ink, it’s not as long as you choose because it is tailored to your needs, such as printing ordinary documents, images, diplomas, invitations, and others. If all of them are beaten flat with the same printer ink, the desired print result may not be maximal.

1. If your printing needs are limited to printing ordinary documents such as thesis reports, invitations, then you can choose Dye-Based ink because the material is water. Weaknesses of this type only fade easily and are less suitable for photo printing. Usually, those who use this ink such as computer rental or internet cafe to reduce costs.

2. If the printing needs are often to print photos, graphics, designs or print wedding invitations where the printing needs are not easily faded, then you should choose a pigment art ink type printer ink. Or if your printing needs for media such as mugs, the right ink is sub-ink or sublimation ink. So remember that you must always adjust to the printing needs.

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