These are the Three Causes of Easy Damaged Printers

The printer is always used to print important documents. For that, there are many people who choose a printer with good quality so that the printout they get is also maximum. The quality of a good printer is certainly not enough. You also need the right ink quality so that the printing process runs smoothly and the results are good. You certainly need printer ink cartridges to fill ink in your printer. However, make sure the ink quality is not bad.

The poor quality of printer ink will certainly cause the printer to break easily. If the printer is damaged, it will waste your money to fix it. Apart from the poor quality of the ink, there are several other factors why the printer is easily damaged. Some of the factors referred to here are

1. Often runs out of ink
By leaving the printer or forcing the printer to work while the ink has run out this is a bad habit too. If it continues to be left, the printhead will be totally damaged and cannot be used again. Immediately fill the printer ink if it is known ink will run out. If the printer uses ink with an IV system (CISS), we will easily know if the ink will run out. There is no other reason to leave the printer and continue to be forced to work while the ink has run out.

2. Filling the Printer Ink Is Not Right
This case rarely happens if the printer uses an IV system (CISS). Generally, printers with infusion systems will be very easy to fill ink. We do not need to dismantle the printer lid because infusion ink is installed outside the printer. But if your printer does not use an infusion system, you should be careful in filling the ink. It is not good if we like to fill ink (not infusion) too full, because it can cause ink flooding and the cartridge will be damaged. It is also recommended that you always use original ink. It’s okay, the expensive price is important, the printer, especially the cartridge or printhead, remains durable.

3. Too many prints in large quantities
What I mean to print too much here is that we print in large quantities but it is done at once. Suppose we print in hundreds of pages and then practice printing only one print command. This habit is a bad thing that we must avoid. The reason the printer cartridge can heat up quickly as a trigger for the occurrence of permanent blockage on the printhead. If the printhead has been clogged, of course, the print will not be optimal anymore and very difficult to repair except by replacing it with a new printhead.

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