Know What Are the Characteristics of Quality Printer Ink

Everyone would agree that the printer is one of the most needed electronic devices. In fact, it’s no wonder if there are many people who choose a printer with good quality so that the print results are also maximal. Where to find cheap printer ink is what many people always ask because they want low prices but with good quality.

Printer ink is indeed an important thing and must be chosen that is truly appropriate and quality so that the printer is not easily damaged and the printouts are also maximum. Before buying printer ink, make sure the printer ink is of high quality by paying attention to some of these features.

1. Tidy and tightly packed
Buying a special color liquid printer is better to check the condition of the packaging first, whether the condition is neatly closed and tight or not. If the seal is damaged, there is a possibility that it has been mixed with air and usually the quality of the liquid ink has been damaged.

2. The texture of the liquid is just right
Knowing good printer ink is also known through its texture. Ideally it is liquid but not runny. The thickness of the ink must be right because if it is not suitable, it will make the ribbon on the printer become jammed and slowly totally damaged. Can be shaken the color liquid packaging to determine the level of thickness so as not to buy.

3. Free from alcohol content
Color fluids for printer devices on the market are some that use alcohol. Liquid color that is thicker but quickly evaporates (dries quickly) so it slowly becomes very liquid. This alcohol content can also damage the printer so it’s not a good choice to use it. Try to find alcohol-free ones. Ideally, quality ink fluids that use water to dissolve the dye in it.

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